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Explain professional audio troubleshooting tips

Publisher: AdministratorTime:2018-2-3 16:39:12

(1) and the power supply line fault, the importance of the power supply has just said, a set of sound system using the power of place many, needs to have all kinds of the power cord to connect, such as: power supply, peripheral equipment such as mixer and audio player power, power amplifier power, stage power, active speakers, power supply, video system power supply, etc., a place a lot of parts need power supply, so the power cable to safe and reliable, to avoid failure.

(2), the signal line fault: if a set of sound system metaphor as a person, then a sound system of signal cables as if is a person's blood vessels, the blood circulation, directly affected the stability of the sound system, but even if they know the signal is so important, sometimes failure occurs, sums up the following faults: 1, the signal itself quality problem, the fault is the touchy, out of this problem our side can only be innocent scold scold those profiteers, on the other side also focused to pay-off, really depressed. 2, sometimes we use good quality line, before the installation testing is no problem, but after installation is wrong, this may be caused the signal wire damage when installation, especially some of the long distance transmission wire, sometimes during the installation process in tube too hard pull wire, is likely to result in wire damage; It could be that other types of work were accidentally damaged during construction; It is also possible that the wire is chewed by our lovely Mickey Mouse, and the reason for the fault is various, so we should put as many spare lines as possible in the line. 3, signal wire welding problem, when the welding line on the one hand, pay attention to every spot welding quality, often see on the new building before: "in one hundred, quality first" slogan, one hundred years is too long, at the very least we make signal lines in a few years to ensure trouble-free? Another is all sorts of all sorts of signal lines and their corresponding to correct docking between plugs, such as the XLR you joint with 1, 2, 3, three contact, not confused, so the signal with a multimeter to check after welding is good, will see a short circuit or open circuit.

(3), power amplifier and speakers connected line fault: the connection between the amplifier and loudspeaker everyone more seriously, will be good quality, thick sound box line, sound box line failure generally is the short circuit, the speaker connections are now four core plug is better, the past a lot of speakers are using TS6.35 plug, the plug in danger of short circuit may build up; The sound box line generally seldom appears to break the road condition, so the thick line if break the road is generally artificial, is unlikely to be the wire itself problem.

Circuit system failure case: 1, remember 94 for a ballroom with 30 a few box system, then acoustic room also is big LD disc machine, dozens of boxes to dozens of disc machine, dozens of sets of 14 inch TV, video monitoring, so that time programmable room equipment, lines are also much more, is more complex, unlike now programmable room several computers. When the project was about to be completed, I was ready to electrify the voice control room, and suddenly I noticed something was wrong. I asked the electrician why the 100W light bulb was so bright today. Is the voltage normal? He said no problem, just want to give the voice control room all the equipment power, I busy say wait, take a multimeter one quantity, my day: 380 volts! I can't believe the electric union such low-level mistakes, hurry up to let him watch, him silly, this time the 100 w bulb to bear high pressure also burned, front desk just put up a telephone switchboard also burned on fire! I was afraid that I was afraid, because I didn't sleep for 2 days due to the tight schedule, so the electrician would get the wrong line, but anyway, safety is the most important! 2, 2000 friends company to make a customs multi-function hall, where the stage 80 meters to the acoustic room, stage need eight microphone, results all 8 on the receiver noise in the speaker like rain, not acceptance. Then I went to look at it, and decided to cut the TS6.35 unbalance plug of all conference condenser microphones. All of them were changed to XLR kanon plugs, all of which were balanced transmission mode. Results after eight microphone do balance transfers, under the normal volume, from the speaker 2 meters basically can't hear clearly the noise, signal lines, in the joint, the results are dramatically different, so we must pay attention to the signal caused by the fault. 3, 92, I helped a ballroom refitting the sound system, stage new band, because the line too much I let the electrician help clean, he put all signal lines on the edge of the stage, and then to fixed with a big iron nail, although I was not feeling well but also did not say what, the professional consciousness of course not so strong now. Mixer is broken, later said they used YAMAHA2300 band amplifier mixer, one of the channel power amplifier is bad, repaired with broke down again one day, I went to feel should be the problem of sound box line, a quantity, short circuit. Then check line, found that the sound box line just walk from stage under the carpet, just a few days before the big iron nail nails in the middle of the sound box line, then the sound box line also is flat wire, iron nails to cause short circuit, passing through the middle part of short circuit line were burned black and green, horrible, I thought: the Japanese power amplifier is severe, almost didn't give the nails to travel! Then I cut the line and reconnected, and told the boss that the mouse had bitten, or the electrician was laid off. Through the above example, we know how terrible line fault, these examples veteran probably isn't worth a look, but novices are different, I each example is "bloody" the fact that I met in the work of so many years, hoping to bring help.

2, sound system, artificial operation fault "people-oriented science and technology", is not bad, again good, again the advanced equipment all needs to operate, and is, of course, people can make mistakes, some of the sound system error is inevitable. We can only work hard to learn, strengthen ourselves, hone ourselves, accumulate more experience, and try our best to avoid the failure caused by such human error.

(a), signal connection problem: connect my previous articles about the sound system has been talked about, here to refine: 1, the equipment connected to the mixer of the audio source: various CD, DVD, MD, booth, etc. With the matched wire connected to the mixer, generally in high resistance to port. 2. The cable moving coil microphone and condenser microphone are generally inserted in the XLR low resistance port. But the wireless microphone signal is amplified by the receiver and needs to be tested before you know which port is appropriate. 3. In principle, the output signals of the band and other equipment should be inserted at the high resistance port, but if the line is longer, the interference is larger, and it can be inserted at the low resistance signal port. Other source signals can be tested to see which port is appropriate. If the input to the mixer is a problem with the line, it is very troublesome, the even line contact bad, don't be to have no voice, but, also accompanied by noise, so the signal lines produced and connection, we'd better do it yourself sound engineer do carrying, can maximum limit to avoid failure.

(2), equipment control problem: a lot of kinds of audio equipment, for our sound engineer to adjust each stereo equipment is good, we say that the artificial operation failure occurs mainly during the period of performance, such as: silent, staccato, feedback, noise, etc, let's one by one, tell me the artificial operation failure occurs easily commonly used audio equipment:

(a), mixer, we usually put the mixer as a sound system of the heart or the brain, therefore mixer is also produce artificial operation failure of most audio equipment, mixer for operational failures generally characterized by: silent, sound is very small, distortion, large and small, serious back, clearly noise and so on.

1, mixer channel attenuation switch level: some mixer in front of the gain control adds a level of about 20 db attenuation switch, such as when CD audio source from the high impedance input port came in, because the level is higher, may need to press the switch the audio signal attenuation 20 db is appropriate, but some of the sound engineer in performance, if not careful the switch according to the up, that is: the boss was very angry, the consequences will be severe! Voice signal without attenuation suddenly big 20 db, consequences, light person all audience will frighten jump from the chair, the person that weigh some audio equipment would submit an expense account, on the spot so we adjust each knob or switch should have clear, clear purpose, not to blindly.

2, mixer gain adjustment: some sound engineer don't know the importance of channel gain, letter hand this knob disorderly adjustment, sometimes turn off the gain control, even at the same time press the 20 db attenuation switch level, think how little voice may under this time? No music of signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic, and so if the receiver channel adjustment, the singer only from recognize unlucky, is called skyshatter also won't have extremely high penetrating power singing; , of course, also like to gain some of the sound man to very big, the music was fine, is to appear most music hard, but the singer is miserable, a slightly loudly like flood broke through the dam is unable to control, high voice will be like a broken gong or explosion beans noisy, because as the signal level is too big a serious distortion, in this case the receiver also often back to lose. Therefore, the gain is important, and it can cause accidents during the performance.

3, mixer balance adjustment: mixer just as its name implies is primarily used to adjust the tone, adjust the tone is still mainly rely on balanced group, it is very simple, does not add a few more corresponding to the high school bass frequency selective knob, although under normal operation voice quality does not necessarily will be very good, but it wouldn't show accident, but some of the sound engineer on equilibrium knob boldly, sometimes I see such a sound engineer will feel lose, if you add to the bass is very big, the burden of the amplifier and loudspeaker is greatly increased, it might damage the equipment, the voice at the same time also will be very easy to distortion; If the tenor is very high, then the loudspeaker is in danger. In short, the balance knob should be improved to a degree, and excessive promotion will cause unexpected failure.

4, mixer AUX adjustment: as we all know AUX is mainly used to send signals to the effect of, in a mixer, if we from AUX6 send signals to effect, if after dealing with the effect of device output 2 signal to the mixer of the 23-24 road, so the 23-24 don't AUX6 knob of the two channel is opened, otherwise just after dealing with the effect of implement of the signal will flow back to the effect. From this, the AUX and the effector will form a cycle again, when the loop level gain outside a certain range, will generate the acoustic feedback phenomenon. In addition to this, AUX's pushing and other issues should also be noted, and I have covered the details in the previous articles.

5, mixer, audio, audio-visual knobs you really want to take it as a dispensable things, sometimes we only use the total output of the left or the right output volume, then the acoustic image will pay attention to, if use total output on the output signal and mixer channel audio and video played on the left that will result in silent failure at this time, or just the opposite.

6, mixer listening and mute switch: general mixer listening and mute switch is close together, operating time must see clear, often in the monitor switch when pressing the mute switch fault, that result in silent failure. Remember there was a disciple, wearing headphones listening, in principle, to all the way along the monitoring signal, a pressed a few channels also accidentally male singers of the mute switch is pressed, the results of his own with headphones to enjoy pure voice band, singer was holding a microphone ran chuai acoustic room door, so must be careful when operating, but also can't always live sound engineer with headphones, so it's no big picture.

7. Problem of mixing desk: To channel sound marshalling is, of course, convenient control, but because marshalling button is smaller and more, so be careful operation, once I finished a project acceptance back to ballroom sound engineer, I put all the instruments in the 1-2 marshalling, singer microphone in three or four marshalling, when band 1-2 marshalling opened, when playback singers CD/MD grouping 1-2 is turned off, mainly in order to reduce the noise, but this time a female microphone sound is very small, only a hollow sound effect there is no direct sound, I ran to the mixer to have a look at the original singer microphone to make up to 1-2 marshalling, 1-2 marshalling band in the show just now opened, now put a CD accompaniment of 1-2 grouping microphone turned off the female nature, there is no sound, so I quickly put the female that channel press 3-4 marshalling, at the same time 1-2 marshalling the fault is eliminated, about the mistakes I think a lot of sound engineers have had; And some advanced mixer with marshalling mute function, such as we are thinking of mixer 1-10 channels in the marshalling mute 1, when marshalling mute total 1 button, 1-10 channels were mute. Therefore, it must be seen clearly when performing the mute operation on this function tuning table.

8, mixer INS inserted into the plug socket: some sound engineer don't know how to use this socket, if not carefully inserted the mixer of the INS in the plug out of the socket inserts a TS joint line, the mixer that road total output will be no sound. This is something that I've talked about before in my previous article. 9, mixer interference sources to find: sometimes there will be interference noise in the mixer, all branch channel switch is closed, only open mixer, the total volume, there will be a lot of noise out, this time we can wear a headset a lulu listening, see if the noise is a mixer which came all the way, or pull a lulu mixer input line even output line, such as where to pull all the noise disappear, will find the noise source. The following article on how to deal with the noise.

9, mixers phantom power supply: most of the mixer in the vision will have a 48 v power supply, it can be used to promote a variety of condenser microphone, but because it is from the microphone line current, so often should check the microphone line, ensure smooth line or line contact is not good when will be made a lot of current shock. There is also a phenomenon is: if you use in a mixer with battery capacitor microphone, don't open the phantom power supply, otherwise may interfere with each other between may emit rain general "rustling" sound. Now open some mixers phantom power supply when they made a lot of current shock, so be careful operation. It is in some of the aspects of the operation of the mixer are prone to failure, and of course some interference problems will speak in the next article. Recently received a lot of friend's mail and information, some comrades still want me to write a bit more popular, I think he is like the old lady repetitive, if someone still don't understand that I only have a chance to hold him! In the future, I intend to carry out the technical articles that are easy to understand, and truly serve the "working people" at the grassroots level.

(2), automatic: equalizer is the most used equipment in the peripheral devices, so we also want to attention to the following when you say, adjusts the equalizer to note a few problems and troubleshooting: 1, there are some mixer will have 7-9 section of equalizer, this equalizer can simply adjust the tone, only belongs to a kind of auxiliary nature, so we are in use

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